Excerpt One (Real Audio 6k)
Mr. Bridger responds to the rumours that Charlie is planning a big job in Italy

Excerpt Two (Real Audio 6k)
Charlie at his tailors after getting out of prison

Excerpt Three (Real Audio 8k)
Masquerading as Lord Croker, Charlie explains his successful tiger hunting technique

Excerpt Four (Real Audio 6k)
Croker explains the heist to Camp Freddy

Excerpt Five (Real Audio 6k)
Charlie introduces Bill to the team

Excerpt Six (Real Audio 18k)
Driving practice begins in the Mini's

Excerpt Seven (Real Audio 18k)
Croker insures the cars are prepared for foreign travel

Excerpt Eight (Real Audio 16k)
Arthur's explosive test on a practice van has devastating results

Excerpt Nine (Real Audio 6k)
Mr. Bridger's reaction, when discovering the mafia know about the 'job'

Excerpt Ten (Real Audio 10k)
Mr. Bridger's encouraging speech to Croker and his team at Aunt Nelly's funeral

Excerpt Eleven (Real Audio 4k)
Croker's reaction to the team's 'motors' getting crushed by a Mafia bulldozer while in the Alps

Excerpt Twelve (Real Audio 36k)
Croker explains why the Mafia shouldn't kill him and his gang after pushing all their cars off the mountains with a bulldozer

Excerpt Thirteen (Real Audio 6k)
Croker gives basic tips in european driving

Excerpt Fourteen (Real Audio 6k)
Croker answering the team's questions

Excerpt Fifteen (Real Audio 6k)
Franco translates the police radio broadcasts

Excerpt Sixteen (Real Audio 5k)
After the successful heist the mini's speed away through the piaza's and arcades

Excerpt Seventeen (Real Audio 6k)
The mini's leap away from the police

Excerpt Eighteen (Real Audio 4k)
The thieves in the guise of English football fans celebrate

Excerpt Nineteen (Real Audio 4k)
Concern is expressed at the police's close proximity

Excerpt Twenty (Real Audio 19k)
The gang escape the police

Excerpt Twenty One (Real Audio 6k)
Croker guides his mini into the car coach, whilst both vehicles are driving down a deserted motorway

Excerpt Twenty Two (Real Audio 82k)
Sing along as the celebrations are shortlived

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