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Tit Bits Yes, we know it's supposed to be Tid Bits.
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Advanced senior style
Our Exposure New York team shared a sneak preview of a documentary directed by Lina Plioplyte. Plioplyte collaborated with Advanced Style to document the crazy fashions and eccentric personalities of New York's senior set. A fascinating insight into the some of the wonderful people that make NYC what it is.
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Recognising the fifty (billion) shades of red

We all read about the economic powerhouse that is the People's Republic of China and how the country's spending power and influence is poised to explode. So why are these 'people' often referred to as one mass entity - all 1.3 billion of them?

As well as the huge ethnic diversity, the Chinese are avid consumers with a real appetite for new products and services. They have aspirations and perceive value in imported brands from the West. The challenge for international brands is to recognize and understand the implications of these nuances and what's relevant about their brand product/story when devising their entry and growth strategies.
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The Gild gets with the Force - Voltron Force

We've been working on cult 80s brand, Voltron, to create a licensing design guide for the new show, Voltron Force. It's been a great project which has required the team to get into the mindset of 4-9 year old boys!

Currently airing in the US, Voltron Force is set to hit the Uk screen in the summer and give the stratospheric Ben 10 franchise a run for its money.

This is what Design Week said about the story.

Hayley rocks it stateside

Our Hayley has only been in New York for a few months now and she's already been spotted by Time Out New York for her unique style. Go Hayles.
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Is it more about logos... or experiences?

Imagine if Muji made a bank?
The cool air conditioning as you walk through the large glass doors, the scent of the candles in the air, your footsteps on the pine floor, the helpful members of staff in their utilitarian clothes, the simplicity of the leaflets and signage. The comfortable waiting area with plush grey sofas, the effortless simplicity and clarity of your bankcard. As brand guardians, our role must be about creating experiences, not just a logo-led brands. We must still make a recognisable set of elements - the logo - to build brand recognition but we must consider the brand landscape which stretches from social through to packaging, with the many touchpoints in between.
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London welcomes... Alex NY welcomes... Francis
Dolphin Boy

Diesel, ID and Woodstock films held an intimate screening of Israeli art film Dolphin Boy at The Curzon in Mayfair, London. Following the film, we were treated to a Q&A with the film maker, Yonatan Nir.

The film follows a mute and unresponsive, traumatised boy for four years, documenting his interaction with dolphins. Great intimate engagement from Diesel and ID. My companion cried all the way through, I just had something in my eye!
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Innovation gone Mad?

We came across an 'interesting' new product today. Bowser Beer is meat flavored 'beer' created especially for our canine counterparts ? an exciting and tasty alternative to water. At $19.99 this is certainly not a value product and offers nothing to justify its price premium. Come to think of it, is there any point of it at all? Next!
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